We’d like to welcome you to poke around these pages of our travel journal and allow us to take you with us as we bum around.

This blog is mostly self-serving, providing a diary of sorts that we can re-read (and re-live) when we are old(er) and gray(er), which is why the posts can be interminably long and seem to note every second of every day.  Sorry ’bout that.  There are also many references to prices of our lodging, meals, and entrance fees, along with logistical information.  This is not only for our records, but to assist others that might be visiting the same areas in the event this blog is disseminated and unleashed to the general public.

Lastly, we’d like to give a shout-out to our parents, the only people we can imagine who will endure reading the length of this.

(Banner Photo taken at Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Photo below
taken while on the Golden Road outside Millinocket, Maine)