Day 14: Adios, Spain

We were up super early (about 6:15) so we could shower and get downstairs for breakfast.  The hotel breakfast started at 7:00, and we were among the first ones there.  After eating another hearty meal and contemplating snatching the giant pig leg to take home with us (might have been hard to cram into a zip lock bag, and the leg part would have for sure stuck out of our backpack, making it difficult to sound convincing to the US Agricultural agents we had no meat with us), we got back to the room where we discovered our flight left at 11:55, not 11:15 as some of us, ahem Jim, previously thought.  No worries, it just allowed us more time to get to the airport, and rumor had it a Spanish Metro strike was going on between 7-9:00.

Check-out was painless and we got to the Metro (by the way, not a lot of people were roaming the streets at this time of morning.  The Spaniards aren’t early birds, but that should come as no surprise given they nap all day and eat dinner at midnight).  Our first Metro ride was ok, albeit a bit crowded due to the strike, but the next two rides were absolutely crazy.  The train cars were packed to the brim with commuters, and we had to hurl ourselves onto them with our luggage to make room to fit.  There is no mercy for the timid here.

After running the gauntlet of 2 transfers to get to the airport, we were relieved to finally make it.  We didn’t have a gate number yet, given we were so early, but we took the opportunity to do some Duty Free shopping and relax a bit.  We boarded on time, the flight was uneventful, except for the fact that someone smoked in the bathroom (1 million euro bet says it was a Spaniard) and the food was again horrendous.  We vowed to think hard before flying Iberia again.  Unless it’s a cheap flight.  We’re easily bought.

We landed roughly on time and got home after a long two week excursion.  Our cat, now nicknamed Elmer (as in glue because she stuck close to us for many days after our return), was super happy to see us and we were just thrilled to be able to take long hot showers and put on our jammies.  Travel is wonderful, exposes you to many incredible sights and experiences, but at the end of the day, nothing feels better than sleeping in your own bed.

El Fin.

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