Day 3: Monschau

Jim and I were up at 8:00, had breakfast, and met the family a little before 10:00.  We all moseyed around town a bit before heading off in the direction of the Tourist Train stop, which left at noon.  We took the

The Monschau Tourist Train

train through town and up to the hill overlooking town (€5 each and lasted 45 minutes).  It was nice, especially as this way no one had to make a decision about what to do, plus it gave a lovely overview of the town’s environs.  After the train ride ended we all decided to eat lunch at the local brewery.  This was a bit of a feat because the menu was only available in German and collectively we didn’t know enough words to piece it together.  Thankfully the restaurant manager was able to interpret and we all got something reasonably satisfactory and close to what we thought we were ordering (I had an open-faced ham/cheese sandwich, Jim had a hot dog and fries).

Now full and with another beer under our belts, we walked over to the nearby glass factory

A big red house!

where if you wanted to see the glass being blown you had to pay extra.  Huh?  That kind of defeats the purpose if inciting people to buy your homemade products  – they really should take a page out of the Murano glass factory tour book.  Needless to say, none of us paid the money.  We all browsed a bit, then moved on to walk around town a bit more.  This led us to the Red House, the main tourist attraction in Monschau.  It is exactly as advertised, a big red house.  Naturally, there is a history attached that we found interesting at the time but promptly forgot.  My head was already too full from Charlemagne and Beethoven facts.

At this point it was about 16:00 and we decided to split up so some could take a nap, some could shop more, or do whatever.  Jim and I used our time to have a coffee overlooking the river at the restaurant attached to our hotel, and our waiter (who was the same guy that checked us in the day before) was playful and cheerful.

We all reconvened at 18:30, and since none of us were particularly hungry we wandered around a bit looking for good outdoor space at which to sit for a cocktail.  We settled in under the umbrellas of an Italian restaurant located on the same main square we’d been the night before.  We each ordered a drink and chatted for an hour or so before going into the Italian restaurant for a great meal (I split a salami pizza with mom and Jim had penne arrabiata that wasn’t very spicy but good, nonetheless).

Now sufficiently full and just a wee bit tipsy, it was off to bed.

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