Day 14: Last Day in Prague

We were up at 8:15 this morning, our last full day of the trip.  Our plan for the day was to focus on shopping, strolling, and relaxing, having no solid plans except the plan not to see any sights.  After breakfast we left on our shopping stroll, first finding an adorable, unique store (hard to find in Prague) filled with handmade stuffed animals made by the proprietor’s nephew.  The store name is Lucie Blahova Art Dekor.  Needing a baby gift for some friends who were expecting in the next few weeks, we selected a stuffed elephant and were on our way.

Havelska Trziste Market, just as advertised

Our next stop was to the Havelska Trziste Market, a market allegedly full of original handicrafts but it mostly appeared to be repeats of all the tacky souvenirs we’d seen all over Prague.  Since we were close, we next headed to the Powder Tower (the tower you can drive through), photographed it, then went in search of a beautiful synagogue I’d found years earlier.  Victorious in finding it, we photographed it before moving on to more critical matters:  lunch.  Since our picnic lunches had been so successful in the days earlier we decided to find a sandwich shop to accompany the chipsies and cookies that were in our room.

Powder Tower (left)

Lunch was a relaxed affair in our room before we headed out again to wrap up our shopping.  Along the way we wandered through the crowded Old Town Square, where we found the animal pen for Easter was full of farm animals.  We got our pet on, and while Jim was petting a goat a nearby native English speaking woman said to her friend in a dismayed tone, “Why is he tugging on its ears?  And will they bite?”  Jim responded to her that the goats like it and that no, they won’t bite but they may chew a little on your clothes.  The woman completely ignored the fact Jim was also a native English speaker and proceeded to query her friend again about the ear-tugging, as if Jim didn’t understand what she was saying.  It was getting to be time to leave Prague.  Too many Americans.

Leaving the animals behind (and, by the way, if the State Department is reading this then no, we didn’t touch any farm animals abroad and yes, we answered question 12 on our landing card truthfully – sort of), we continued to wander and found ourselves in Ungelt Square where we found the Dr. Stuart Botanicus shop.  This place was chock-full of organic, all natural lotions, soaps, teas, etc., an awesome find for a gal like me.  After smelling most of the inventory, we ended up purchasing some chamomile lotion, a few soaps, and some chamomile tea.  Perfect!  We left there to return to a café we’d seen earlier that had outdoor seating and proceeded to sip on coffee while I caught up on journaling.

Farewell Prague beers at Grand Cafe Orient

Feeling fully relaxed, we meandered back to our room for a bit before heading out again to stop for a beer before dinner.  We selected the Grand Café Orient based on the fact they had outdoor seating on a balcony above from where we could watch the people action below, and sipped on a 0.5L Pilsner Urquell while marveling at the fact no pedestrians were hit by the cars that would come barreling down the narrow street.  A short while later we left the Grand Café Orient and went across the river (on the bridge by the National Theater) to eat at a different location of Kolkovna, the Pilsner Urquell-owned restaurant (this one was on the castle side).  It wasn’t quite as fun of an experience this time, but the food was good and came out lightening fast.  Jim had the same thing from a few days before (meat and bread dumplings) and I had garlic soup with a side of garlic toast, which was very good but perhaps not the best choice given we would be on a plane and in cramped quarters the next day.

Our last meal of Czech food and beers made us full and we decided it was time to head back to the room to pack up for our travels back to the US.  It was a bittersweet feeling because although we were ready to sleep in our own bed, another fantastic trip was coming to a close.

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