Day 15: Going Home

We woke up early because we had a 9:55 flight on Contact Air from Prague to Zurich.  Slowly (we hadn’t had any coffee yet) we made our way to the Mustek metro stop where we boarded the green line to the Dejvicka stop and transferred to bus #119 (which was very crowded), the bus that took us directly to our terminal at the airport.  We checked in and found we had enough money left over in our budget for a McToasty from McDonalds (AWESOME sandwich), then boarded our flight.

All was non-eventful; the transfer in Zurich was quick and painless (although the Zurich airport is awfully expensive), and we legged out the 9.5 hour flight home on Swiss Air (that also included a mean, crusty flight attendant).  Customs was a breeze, as usual, and we made it home by 18:00 pm, welcomed by our little furry baby Yossarian who made it very clear she was also happy to see us (and proceeded to take on her Elmer alter-ego for the next several days, not letting us out of her sight.  It’s Elmer as in Elmer’s glue, by the way).

This trip was yet another success, filled with laughs, amazing food, great VFM, only a handful of major incidents, and lots – lots – of pictures (1,022, to be exact).  A lot of alcohol was consumed, as well, but we assure you this is not the norm for us and not a drop was to be had for quite some time after returning to Chicago.  Really.

While 15 nights is a long time to be away, we enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to planning our next adventure.

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