Day 06: That Deja Vu Feeling

1:30 am:  woke up sick.  Crap.  Up again at 6:00 am, feeling like I’d been hit by a bus, had a quick breakfast, and we were all packed into the Sardinia Can and on the road by 7:30.  Today was the day we were going to drive back to Lake Garda for my mom’s most favorite jacket and vest before crossing back to Milan, where we were staying the night.

Garda gang of gulls

Garda gang of gulls

The drive to Garda should have only been 4 hours, but it turns out there was a wine festival and open air market that clogged up the road for miles so it took closer to 5 hours.  We inched our way toward the hotel, eventually arriving and racing inside to retrieve the beloved and most favorite jacket and vest.  Once in hand, and to the collective relief of all involved, we tucked them into the last bastion of space in the Sardinia Can and took off in the direction of Milan.  Jim and I spent the 3 hour drive to Milan wondering what my parents had left behind in Cuneo.

We eventually reached Milan’s Malpensa Airport, where we managed to find the car drop-off area and leave them with a ding-free, if slightly dirty, Sardinia Can.  It was here we also bid a tearful good-bye to my parents, as they were flying back to the States the following morning and Jim and I were headed off to Malta.  We had a fantastic 6 days with them, filled with highs, laughs, driving adventures, lots-and-lots-o-pictures, wine, and everlasting memories.  Oh, it was a memory, all right.  Thanks, mom and dad, for all that you did.  We really, really, really appreciate it.

Unfortunately for me and Jim, our day wasn’t quite over yet as we had to backtrack across Milan to the other side to reach Linate Airport, where we were staying for the night.  Yes, it would have been easier for my parents to drop us off on their way to Malpensa, but we wanted to make certain there were no major incidents getting the car returned and we also wanted to bear witness to the fact everything, and I mean everything, was out of the car when they disembarked. 

The madness of Milano Centrale

The madness of Milano Centrale

It took a couple hours and involved a train (Malpensa Express, €10/each) to Milano Centrale, the StarFly airport express bus to Linate (€4/each), and then the hotel shuttle to our place for the night, the Air Hotel Milano Linate.  I was still sick, so we ordered room service and hit the hay around 21:00.  I think we could have slept for a week.

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