Day 11: Buon Giorno, Sicily

We popped out of bed at 8:30 this morning, rarin’ to get a move on.  There was a laundromat a couple blocks from our hotel (One Stop Wash) so we checked out and dragged all of our worldly possessions there for a thorough scrubbing.  Believe me, the people we sat next to on our flight to Sicily will never know just how close they came to wishing it was a convertible plane.

Hailing a plane

Hailing a plane

Our bus to the airport, the X2 again, was listed on the schedule to arrive at 13:09 so promptly at 13:00 it turned up and left.  But ha, ha, Arriva, joke is on you as we were ready for this move and already waiting at the stop.  We once again arrived at Malta’s small airport and took a short 45-minute Ryanair flight to Trapani, Sicily.

The flight landed on time and we were able to pick up our rental car from EuropCar, a Lancia Ipsilon.  This next leg of our journey was going to be interesting on two fronts:  one, the car was a manual transmission and while we both know how to drive one, our experience is limited to the flatness of the Midwest, not the hilly terrain of Sicily.  And this is not to mention the narrow, hilly alleyways that are called streets in many a Sicilian town.  Jim had his work cut out for him.  And two, aside from our first night and last two nights, we had no hotel reservations, no plans, and no idea where we would wind up the next 12 days.  This seat-of-the-pants travel was something Jim had dreamed of doing for years, while I, the meticulous planner, had anxiety and reservations about the whole thing.  What would we do?  Where would we go?  How much would we see?  How much would we miss?  Could we find places to sleep?  When would we know it was time to move on?  Why are we doing this again?  We have no plans.  No plans!

Our Garden of Eden

Our Garden of Eden

Well, there was no turning back.  We were off, traveling by the seat of our pants with nothing more than clean clothes, a pocketful of euro, and a handful of Italian words in our vocabulary.  Jim masterfully navigated our nomadic selves to the first night’s lodging located in a rural area on the outskirts of the town of Nubia, the B&B Casolare nelle Saline, where we were immediately met by a puppy.  Ok, things were off to a great start.  Along with the puppy, the owner showed us to a large room that was situated off a patio overlooking a garden, complete with a sleeping cat.  The grounds were tranquil, clean, and immaculate, with several kinds of fruit trees dotting the property.  It was then I began to worry, what happens if we don’t want to leave a place?  Then what, do we spend our entire time in one spot?  Could we do that?  Would we do that?  The uncertainty was killing me.

We took a short rest before driving a short distance to eat at Trattoria del Sale.  Dinner was outstanding, and we had our first (and only, unfortunately) taste of Pesto Trapanese, a tomato-based pesto with almonds that is a specialty of the area.  After a filling meal we headed back to the B&B and to bed, to be rested and ready for the following day of…  well, something.  Who knows?

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  1. Chrisyine

     /  October 25, 2013

    The anticipation is killing me!


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