About Us

Who We Are

The “We” in question is us, Jim and Angela.  We are both avid travelers who quit our jobs a while back so we could go see the elusive Northern Lights on a moment’s notice, if so desired.  While we both love our new lifestyle (of living “small” and clipping tons of coupons), we recognize how fortunate we are to be able to do this and are trying to use this opportunity to be appreciative guests of the world.

Why HowieRoll?

Quite simply, How We Roll was already taken.  Being resourceful and somewhat juvenile, we elected to name ourselves HowieRoll.

Where Do We Go and How Do We Decide?

Many people have a list of destinations they’d like to visit, and we are no exception.  Our (decidedly good) problem is that sometimes it is tough to choose Where To Next!  To date, we’ve traveled quite a bit in Europe, had a few jaunts down to South America, and never poo-poo a great deal on travel to Canada.  Generally speaking, we keep an eagle eye out for travel deals (we’ve been known to go to a location based simply on the fact airfare was too good to pass up.  Lookin’ at you, Poland), monitor currency rates, and travel in off or shoulder seasons, where crowds are generally at a minimum and hotel rates are lower.

We also glean quite a bit of inspiration from our traveling friends, and will be the first to grill you if you’ve gone somewhere we’d be interested in going.

Our Travel Philosophy

We like to travel light (only carry-on luggage) and we have decided since this world is so big, we will rarely travel the same road twice.  There are a few notable exceptions, of course, but as a whole we wouldn’t be content renting that villa in Tuscany every year.

We also tend to roll hard and fast, covering a lot of ground and maximizing our time away from home.  While this travel style was a bit jarring to Jim the first time we went abroad (after a particularly grueling day in Paris I distinctly recall him mumbling something like, “Um, honey, we need to talk…” as he massaged his aching feet and carefully stacked the 6″ pile of museum tickets and whatnot we’d acquired that day), he has since adapted and embraced this travel mode.  The argument could be made that we should take things more slowly and assume we’ll be back someday, but with the Earth having over 57 million square miles of land, odds are we probably won’t.

Photo taken immediately after getting engaged on March 23, 2008, in Mostar, Bosnia

Photo taken immediately after getting engaged on March 23, 2008, in Mostar, Bosnia

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