Day 19: And Now We’re Home

It was an early start this morning, as we had a lot of ground to cover to get home.  Our drive took us across northern Minnesota and Up North Wisconsin until we took a (more…)


Day 18: Last Hurrah in Canada

It was a slow start this morning because we lost an hour at the Manitoba border yesterday and were still on Saskatchewan time.  On the road at 9:30am, we set our sights on the town of (more…)

Day 17: Moose Jaw and Regina

It was -4C (25F) when we awoke and not much warmer in our hotel room, as it seems they turned the heat off.  Again.  However, the roads were clear so we were able (more…)

Day 16: Here We Snow Again

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

The bedside alarm someone (not us) thoughtfully set to go off at 7am performed beautifully.  Right at 7am it sang its thunderous, beeping melody, causing much confusion and one-handed (more…)

Day 15: On the Trail of Dinosaurs

More snow greeted us this morning.  And the forecast where we are going is looking ominous.  What can you do?  Most Calgarians we spoke with were surprised by this snow – they weren’t expecting it for another (more…)

Day 14: Cold – But Cool – Calgary

Ok, so the weather was overcast, drizzly, and foggy again this morning but no more snow had shaken loose, so that was the good news.  Over breakfast we discussed our day’s strategy and settled on (more…)

Day 13: Our Mountain Farewell Tour

When we went to bed last night it was Fall, and when we awoke it was Winter.  That was it, that was the line.  Snow was coming down and this time it looked like it meant business.  The forecast (more…)

Day 12: Banff – Open and Shut

It was another one of those cloudy mornings, so we loitered around the condo until 10:30am hoping it would clear out a little.  Today’s first stop was to be to the very popular (more…)

Day 11: Yoho and a Little Kootenay

Both of us were a little road weary this morning and not particularly motivated in getting going at the crack of dawn.  As such, when we awoke to low hanging clouds and a light dusting of snow it provided the perfect (more…)

Day 10: Two Parks Separated by Magnificence

Today was the day we were moving on to Banff National Park, and because it’s a 4-hour drive and there is a lot to do between Jasper and Banff we set the alarm for 6:15am so we’d get a (more…)

Day 09: Wild Jasper

I was awake and rarin’ to go early this morning, but Jim was sound asleep and I decided to sit still so as not to disturb him.  You know what they say about (more…)

Day 08: Majestic Canadian Rockies

We awoke to bright and sunny skies, which was a real treat so we’d be able to see the Rockies upon approach.  Because we had arrived to Edmonton under dark and rainy conditions we decided to (more…)

Day 07: Howdy, Alberta

Although we were up and at’em by 7am, we didn’t actually get on the road out of Saskatoon until 10am.  The town just kept drawing us back in, with stops at Tim Horton’s, the grocery store, and a (more…)

Day 06: Duck, Duck, Saskatoon

The Harvest Moon Inn is the type of establishment where you pull your car right up to the door of your room.  When we arrived last night after dark almost every room had a large, (more…)

Day 05: Manitoba Beauty, in All Sizes

After breakfasting this morning with several dozen Rotary members, who are a rabble-rousing bunch, we hit the road by 8:15am.  We had a lot to do, a lot of ground to cover, and only so much time (more…)

Day 04: Nature to City, with Change Inbetween

We woke up and got ready to go have breakfast this morning, but as we left the room we were met by Ontario Provincial Police officers in the hallway.  At first we thought a crime had been (more…)