Day 14: Adios, Spain

We were up super early (about 6:15) so we could shower and get downstairs for breakfast.  The hotel breakfast started at 7:00, and we were among the first ones there.  After eating another hearty meal and contemplating (more…)


Day 13: Madrid

We woke up hangover free this morning (yay!) and scooted down to breakfast before the best things were taken.  After a leisurely meal, we showered and got ready for our laid-back day.  Our plan was to do a little shopping (more…)

Day 12: Madrid and Segovia

This morning was a bit rough, as the sangrias presented me with a rather nasty hangover (which is why I should have stuck to beer).  Jim, naturally, was fine, and I felt horribly stupid for allowing myself to get so drunk on the eve of his BIRTHDAY!  We stumbled downstairs for breakfast (a nice spread, including lox and a few varieties of ham), then went (more…)

Day 11: Madrid

We woke up when we darn well pleased this morning, showered and went for breakfast of toast, coffee, and juice.  After fueling up, we set off to try to discover more Toledo charm.  Our first stop was (more…)

Day 10: Toledo

Again, we arose early (6:00) to have a repeat performance of the day before:  cab to Santa Justa train station, breakfast at our usual, hectic haunt, OJ from the nice place, then on the AVE train bound for Toledo, via Madrid.  The AVE is nice, it felt like we were rolling in (more…)

Day 9: Sevilla with a little Cordoba thrown in

There was no sleeping in this morning, we had things to do and money to save.  So we were up at 6:00, took a €5 cab to the Santa Justa train station, ate breakfast at a hectic commuter’s café in the train station (croissant, coffee… and I got a fresh-squeezed OJ from a nicer café, just to mix things up), then hopped (more…)

Day 8: Sevilla

We slept in again this morning before going out to eat at a joint in our neighborhood.  Breakfast was the usual coffee and croissant, this time served by a salty waiter whose contrary disposition made us giggle, thus plunging him into further saltiness.  After breakfast, we collected our laundry and dragged it about 10 minutes away to the Lavanderia Roma to have it cleaned.  This is one of the best values in Spain (more…)

Day 7: Andalucia to Sevilla

We stayed in bed fairly late (for us) on this morning, after a not-so-good night’s sleep.  We ate our warm toast from the hotel, then decided to walk around Ronda in the light of day to give it a look before we headed out.  Ronda is a lovely little town, and it had a great park with lots of flowers in bloom.  After a little while of roaming around (more…)

Day 6: Andalucia and Monkey Business at Gibraltar

We were up an at’em very early, too early for the breakfast at the hotel to be open.  We hopped the 7:45 bus from Gran Via de Colon to the airport (€3 ish each), and while Jim waited in line at GoldCar to get our rental car I foraged for food.  You know, croissants, chocolate croissants, and coffee.  After a little dustup at the car agency rental counter (more…)

Day 5: Granada

We woke up after sleeping in just a touch, had breakfast at the hotel, then set out to see what Granada was all about during the daylight.  After taking in the Cathedral (from the outside), we sussed out a few squares, plazas, and random equestrian statues.  As it didn’t take long, we stopped for our usual coffee at a joint in the Plaza Nueva, then decided to (more…)

Day 4: Barcelona to Granada

Today we woke up excitedly, because Tommy had said he wanted to take us sailing.  Sailing, on the Mediterranean!!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yea…  wait, no.  No sailing, Tommy had something come up.  But he offered to take us to Parc Guell, instead, which was awfully kind of him.  So we showered and went out for breakfast before our appointed meeting time.  Apparently, no one opens on Sunday morning in Barcelona because (more…)

Day 3: Barcelona

We slept in a bit this morning, well deserved for sure.  First order of business was breakfast and coffee, so we wandered down to El Fornet coffee shop (which Tommy had recommended) and had a couple of croissants and cafe con leche.  This would turn out to be our standard breakfast.  As we hadn’t seen too much of Barcelona at this point (more…)

Day 2: World’s Largest Duty Free: Andorra

We woke up at about 6:30 am and made our way back to Sants train station, where we picked up the rental car we’d arranged for our day trip into Andorra.  After figuring out how to get to the car, which was perched on top of the train station, we proceeded to (more…)

Day 1: Barcelona

Well, here we are in Spain, arriving after a short-feeling flight on Iberia from Chicago to Madrid (where our plane of 218 only had 100 people on board).  We hopped another flight from Madrid to Barcelona and caught our breath.  Upon arrival we decided that our first order of business was not to get pickpocketed in the airport, which we were successful at doing.  Our next stop was (more…)