Day 9: Auf Wiedersehen, Germany

We woke up at 8:00 (I had gotten up to pee and was SURE it was only 5:00, only to be greatly distressed to find out it was 8:00 already), super hungover.  Whose idea was it to have that many beers?  We showered and (more…)


Day 8: Heidelberg

We slept in a little and wandered down for breakfast around 9:30, only to be told by the hotel operator he would let us check out today without additional fees.  We profusely thanked him, packed up the car, and headed (more…)

Day 7: Epic Day Trip to France and the Black Forest

We woke up a little more sluggishly than normal and went down for breakfast, intending on checking out of the hotel and moving on (the Brits had suggested Heidelberg, which sounded intriguing).  However, the hotel operator was (more…)

Day 6: Up and Down the Rhine

This morning looked like the beginning of another hot day, so we ate breakfast, packed up, and checked out of the hotel ready to hit the Rhine River next.  Our first stop was the Marksburg Castle, as we wanted (more…)

Day 5: Up and Down the Mosel

We were up and out by 9:00 and drove directly to the Burg Eltz castle, a castle that is still inhabited by the Eltz family.  We found the parking lot without any problems but by this point, I had to go potty so bad I couldn’t see straight (remember Trier?  Yeah, lesson not learned).  This is when (more…)

Day 4: Monschau, a little luge, some Trier, and the Mosel

This morning we were up at 7:00, as we had a full day ahead of us.  We ate breakfast in the hotel and met up with the family by 9:00 to say our auf wiedersehens, as they were heading on to France and (more…)

Day 3: Monschau

Jim and I were up at 8:00, had breakfast, and met the family a little before 10:00.  We all moseyed around town a bit before heading off in the direction of the Tourist Train stop, which left at noon.  We took the (more…)

Day 2: Bonn to Monschau via Aachen

We slept 12 hours (!) and were up at 9:30, ate breakfast at the hotel, and walked around Bonn some more.  Bonn is a working cosmopolitan city and didn’t feel like a tourist destination at all – which was good.  They had a lovely (more…)

Day 1: Welcome to Germany

We arrived at O’Hare with plenty of time to spare, pleasantly surprised to find our flight to Frankfurt on American Airlines was departing from the same gate (K19) as our Iberia flight in March to Spain.  Felt like an old friend.  The flight itself was (more…)