Day 15: Going Home

We woke up early because we had a 9:55 flight on Contact Air from Prague to Zurich.  Slowly (we hadn’t had any coffee yet) we made our way to the Mustek metro stop where we boarded the green line to the (more…)


Day 14: Last Day in Prague

We were up at 8:15 this morning, our last full day of the trip.  Our plan for the day was to focus on shopping, strolling, and relaxing, having no solid plans except the plan not to see any sights.  After breakfast we left (more…)

Day 13: Pilgrimage to Plzen

Today we woke up a bit later than usual (9:00), went downstairs for breakfast, and then stopped to chat with Radim, a front desk worker at our hotel with whom we’d chatted a lot.  Our aim today was to (more…)

Day 12: Day Trip to Kutna Hora

Since our alcohol intake from the evening before was virtually non-existent (the wine from dinner didn’t count), we popped out of bed at 8:00, showered, and had our usual breakfast at Café Ebel.  Today was the day we (more…)

Day 11: Prague’s Best

Up and at ‘em at 8:00, we showered and went to the attached Café Ebel for our hotel breakfast, which was a Café Americano and croissant.  Not wanting to dawdle over breakfast, we ate quickly and got a jump start to our day that (more…)

Day 10: A Warm Prague Day

Amazingly up around 8:15, we once again ate breakfast downstairs at the café (this time our waitress was super nice and gave us a big coffee, an egg, juice, meats, etc.) before packing up and heading down to the (more…)

Day 9: Brno

We managed to get up around 8:00 am, showered, and then had breakfast downstairs in the café attached to the pension (cottage cheese, spreadable cheese, cheese cheese, coffee, etc.), all served to us by a (more…)

Day 8: Vienna to Bustling Brno

Once again we slept in a bit this morning, and then headed out for breakfast but decided to switch things up a little (no more schoko-croissants from Aida’s.  Sad).  We went to a place just down the street from Aida’s, (more…)

Day 7: Quintessential Vienna – Royalty and Chocolate

We slept in a bit this morning, and, feeling a little crisp from the night before, slowly got moving around 10:00 am, our first stop being breakfast at Aida’s.  Not falling for the lure of the topfenstreusel again, I went for (more…)

Day 6: A Day Among Music and Royalty in Vienna

Sunday started out as a bit of a lazy day, beginning with breakfast at a local café called Aida’s.  Jim had a decadent buttery croissant; I made a more tragic choice of (more…)

Day 5: Vienna

This morning was a bit rough, mostly due to the copious amounts of alcohol from the night before, but also because the squeaky beds had somehow lost their Hungarian charm and were (more…)

Day 4: Budapest Train Incident and Escape to Eger

We were up around 7:00, showered, and went down for breakfast.  After breakfast, we returned to the room and lazed around a bit, finally getting going around 8:45.  The first order of business was to acquire a pair of inexpensive bus tickets, so we got on the M3 line from Kalvin ter, took it to (more…)

Day 3: Snowy Budapest

We woke up around 7:00 and there were two somewhat unfortunate things:  1) Jim didn’t sleep very well, and 2) it was snowing.  And not just a little light dusting, we are talking full-on blizzard.  We went downstairs for breakfast and I commented to the front desk girl (more…)

Day 2: A little Buda, a little Pest

We started the day with what would become our usual breakfast routine (grainy cereal with a side of yogurt for me, a modified bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for Jim) and were out and about (more…)

Day 1: Welcome to Budapest

We left Chicago on SwissAir bound for Zurich, everything went according to schedule.  Gotta love the Swiss.  The flight was a non-event and we each got to sit in our own row because the flight wasn’t full.  We landed in Zurich (more…)