Day 25: Home & Wrap-Up

This post is where I’d like to take the opportunity to wrap up a few final thoughts, facts, and figures.  (more…)


Day 24: From Badlands, to Missiles, to…

Today was an early start, which turned out to be our last.  We were on the road by 7:15 AM because we had kitsch to inspect, animals to spot, and a 10:00 appointment to examine a (more…)

Day 23: Faces and Great Places in the Black Hills

The pundits say if you want to see wildlife then be on the road early.  So that’s what we did this morning, by getting on the road before 8:00 AM.  We were heading to (more…)

Day 22: Long Haul to South Dakota

Today was D-Day, and by that I mean the sad departure from the Four Seasons.  The bellman took down our luggage and I was just relieved my stuffed outside suitcase pocket didn’t burst open and spill out (more…)

Day 21: Four Seasons and a Little Vail

Today we woke up and for the first time on this trip had absolutely nowhere to be.  What a novel feeling!  Not only that, but we woke up at the Four Seasons and within 5 minutes of waking up I was back into (more…)

Day 20: Arches to Opulence

This morning we woke up fairly early (but not ridiculously early like the day before), ate breakfast and got ready to head out.  The parking lot of the hotel we stayed at was full of big trucks trailering ATVs that had big (more…)

Day 19: Utah’s Rocks

This morning started off with a bang, as we were up (like actually up) by 5:30 AM.  Why, you may ask, were you up at such a ridiculous hour?  Well, we were very near Bryce Canyon (2 miles away) and had heard (more…)

Day 18: Post Sin City Return to Nature (Zion)

We were up and on the road at the crack of 10:00 AM.  Hey, we were still on Vegas time (and I was still searching for the hour we lost in Lone Pine).  Our route out of Las Vegas took us through some (more…)

Days 16 & 17: Las Vegas

I am a little behind with entries, so I’m going to fast-track Las Vegas.  We ate, we drank, we gambled, and we drove down to the Silverton Hotel & Casino to view (more…)

Day 15: Death Valley, a Low Point

There was a lot of confusion going on this morning.  It was the Sunday of Daylight Savings Time ending, which meant we were to set the clocks back one hour.  Something I like to do when we fall back is (more…)

Day 14: A Big, Big Day, Yosemite & Beyond

Phew, we’ve had quite a day today.  It all started when we were up and out of Lake Tahoe fairly early.  Of course, I would have liked to have stayed (more…)

Day 13: Lake Tahoe Beauty & Reno Charm

I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning, and, I’ll admit, was a little irritable.  It didn’t help matters when we were having breakfast at the Harrahs Café and Jim played Keno using our birthdays and alleged (more…)

Day 12: A Day in the Sierra Nevadas

We were on the road by 10:00 this morning, and I could get used to this sleeping in bit.  Since we were feeling a little National Park deficient after yesterday’s Crater Lake fiasco, our first destination was to (more…)

Day 11: Crater Lake!! Sort of.

This morning we got up DWP, which is an acronym we use that stands for (Whenever We) Damn Well Please.  We haven’t had the opportunity to use it very often on this trip, so we relished the extra moments.  Around 10:00 (more…)

Day 10: Rainy Pacific Northwest

This was departure day from Kent and the family, and as we had a lot of ground to cover we tried to get an early start.  We bid my parents adieu and right at the crack of 9:00 AM we were on the road heading south to Oregon.  In a strange twist (more…)

Days 7-9: Aaah, Home

On these days we spent a lot of time with family doing assorted family things.  It’s always great being back where I grew up and even better to be back there with Jim.  There are just a few things I’d like to cover here:

Our standard view out of the windshield