Day 17: Going Home and Wrap-Up

Our flight back to Chicago today wasn’t leaving until 12:35, which was nice so we didn’t have to get up super early.  We were packed up, downstairs, and checked out by 9:00.  As we rolled our luggage through (more…)


Day 16: Warsaw’s Green Side

This was our last full day in Poland.  We’d been having such a great trip that we were sad to be going home, and I like to think we had the energy and stamina to have kept going.  But because it was the (more…)

Day 15: Down the Heart of Warsaw

The stately Royal Way

The stately Royal Way

We started our morning a little late and headed out by 9:30.  Our plan was to first walk south down the busy Royal Way to the roundabout that had a life-sized fake (more…)

Day 14: Back Down the Mountain to Warsaw

Today we were leaving the mountains in southern Poland and heading to the capital, Warsaw, in central Poland.  We were up at 7:00, showered and breakfasted by 8:30.  We decided to check out of the hotel to take (more…)

Day 13: Hiking the High Tatras

This morning we were up and eating breakfast by 9:00.  For the record, this hotel’s breakfast was the best we had on the trip and the COFFEE WAS NOT INSTANT!  Over our meal we planned out (more…)

Day 12: Up the Mountain to Zakopane

Today we were up and out again a little after 9:00.  We stopped for a proper coffee at Coffee Heaven on the Main Market Square, cruised by the internet café to send out a few emails and suss out the (more…)

Day 11: Day Trip and a Little Krakow

The streets of Old Town in the early morning

The streets of Old Town in the early morning

We were up at 6:15 this morning and out the door by 7:30 to get to the bus station because we wanted to make sure to catch the 8:25 bus to (more…)

Day 10: Jewish Krakow

P1080481We woke up significantly refreshed and rarin’ to go and were out the door by 9:00ish.  Our sights today were set on the Jewish Quarter, called Kazimierz.  It’s only about a (more…)

Day 09: The Borscht Incident and Escape to Krakow

Our alarm went off at 3:45 am, as we had a 5:35 train to Krakow.  You see, our only other train option to Krakow that day left at 16:00, which would not only get us into Krakow much later than desired, but we were (more…)

Day 08: Looooo-bleen to Zamosc and Back

We threw in the towel on trying to sleep and were up at 7:10 this morning, showered, breakfasted, and out the door early to the main bus station.  Today’s business was to day trip to the town of (more…)

Day 07: Jewish Lublin

After another night of fitful sleep we emerged from our room just after 9:00, ate breakfast at the hotel and were on our way.  We had originally intended to either go to the nearby town of Chelm (it’s known for (more…)

Day 06: Lublin, a Slice of Life

We were up around 7:00 after cat-napping through the night, done with breakfast and checked out of the hotel around 8:45.   Goodbye, Torun, we really enjoyed our brief pit stop. (more…)

Day 05: Off to Torun

We were up, breakfasted, and out by 9:00 this morning, soon sitting on ulica Dluga for a decent cup of coffee.  As we would find pervasive throughout the trip, many Polish hotels use a form of (more…)

Day 04: Sopot and Gdynia

I can't even get all of St. Mary's into the frame.  See Jim in the doorway?

I can’t even get all of St. Mary’s into the frame. See Jim in the doorway?

We were up and having breakfast this morning by 9:00, ready for another full day.  Our first stop was to the ginormous church next to our hotel (more…)

Day 03: Westerplatte and The Big Game

This morning we were up and heading out shortly after 9:00, but first stopped to ask the desk clerk which bus we should take to Westerplatte, the very place in Gdansk where WWII started.  Now, I will wager a guess that (more…)

Day 02: Gdansk and the Teutonic Knights of Malbork

We both slept in a bit late, until 9:00 am, showered and packed up our things to drop-off at our new hotel for the next 3 nights, the Gotyk House (this was the place we really wanted to stay but they didn’t have (more…)