Day 24: Casa, Dolce Casa

This morning we were up at 7:15, ready, breakfasted, out the door, and waiting at the Prestia e Comande bus stop by 9:05 to catch the 9:15 bus to the airport.  Everything was right on (more…)


Day 23: Historic, Cacophonous Palermo

We had a bit of a slow start this morning after not sleeping very well, but the cannoli, cakes, and cookie offerings at breakfast made up for it.  Sicilians really know how to (more…)

Day 22: We Ain’t in Lipari Anymore

This morning was a bit of a bummer, in that we had to peel ourselves away from Lipari.  Lipari, rhymes with slippery, we thank you for everything and if all goes well (more…)

Day 21: A Lazy Day, and That’s Okay

Today we woke up with no plans, no inkling of any plans, and divergent ideas of what we were thinking in terms of plans.  That’s not entirely true; our one unified plan did include arranging to stay another (more…)

Day 20: Island Hopping the Aeolians

This morning we were up by 7:30 and out the door by 9:00.  We had things to do.  After we arranged to stay at the hotel another night, our first stop was back to the boat tour company, (more…)

Day 19: Mt. Etna, Glad We Met ‘Ya

Today was a big day and we had a lot of ground to cover.  We had decided to hit up Mt. Etna and then head to the town of Milazzo on the northeastern coast, from where we’d take a ferry to (more…)

Day 18: Swimming Upstream in Taormina, Downstream in the Sea

This morning’s breakfast at the resort was one of the most elaborate buffets we’ve ever encountered when traveling, right down to the cream puff pastries and chocolate (more…)

Day 17: Siracusa Pirates & Tranquil Resorts

After breakfast this morning we checked out of the hotel and moved on, as we were faced with the realization our days in Sicily weren’t limitless and there were still many areas we wanted to (more…)

Day 16: Resplendent Ragusa & Mediterranean Merriment

We unleashed ourselves to the world this morning by 9:30 and were on our way to the town of Ragusa, specifically the old part of town called Ragusa Ibla.  (more…)

Day 15: To the Shores of Marina di Ragusa

This morning we awoke and decided it was time to move on.  We had just spent 4 fantastic nights split between two idyllic properties and loved it, but the trade-off for spending time in tranquil, rural areas is (more…)

Day 14: Countryside, Sciacca, & Sit There & Pipe Down

Breakfast at 9:00 was another largely homemade affair, with freshly made cakes, pastries, breads, jams, and yogurt.  This B&B/agriturismo thing was right up our alley, as who doesn’t want (more…)

Day 13: From Trapani to the Hills

4:30 am:  I woke up (and therefore Jim did, too) to a coughing fit, a holdover from my cold.

5:30 am:  cue the local roosters.

6:00 am:  the family staying upstairs sounded like they were practicing for a River Dance performance.  Complete with (more…)

Day 12: Nature is Always a Good Plan

We found ourselves at breakfast around 9:00 and were in for a homemade treat of a feast.  The owner kept bringing out dish upon dish, including marmalade-filled croissants, giant pastries filled with (more…)

Day 11: Buon Giorno, Sicily

We popped out of bed at 8:30 this morning, rarin’ to get a move on.  There was a laundromat a couple blocks from our hotel (One Stop Wash) so we checked out and dragged all of our (more…)

Day 10: Gozo with the Flow

It was a bit of a lazy morning, we took our sweet time and weren’t out and about until 10:15.  Our aim was to get to Gozo, another island just north of Malta, so we hopped onto a crowded (more…)

Day 09: Fights and Sights

Waiting for our bus (I'm the one in the hat)

Waiting for our bus (I’m the one in the hat)

This morning had an early start, as we were HOHOs and had an 8:45 bus to catch.  We managed to find the HOHO bus stop in spite of the fact it was nowhere close to where the HOHO salesman said it would be, and waited (more…)