Our Trips

We’ve traveled many places together since 2005 besides the trip blogs below, including France, Luxembourg, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Peru, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Ontario, and many other places around the US, but it was only during the trip to Spain in 2009 that I started keeping a computer journal as opposed to my usual hand-written ones.  The likelihood of those hand-written journals ever being typed into this blog are virtually nil, but just know we had a stupendous time.

Canada September/October 2016

We were aiming for the Canadian Rockies, but were able to see quite a bit more of Canada along the way, including Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Portugal & Azores October 2015

As advertised in the title, this trip took us to Lisbon, then the Azores, and back to Lisbon to start a driving tour all around Portugal.

Northern Italy, Malta, & Sicily October 2013

In northern Italy we started in Venice before making our way west, stopping in Verona, Lake Garda, and Cuneo in the Piedmont region.  We then headed to Malta for a few days before arriving to Sicily, where we spent the last 12 days driving around the island.  Stops included the Trapani area, the Caltabellotta area, the SE corner by the sea, Mt. Etna and environs, the Aeolian Islands, and, lastly, Palermo.

Poland April 2013

This trip we started in Gdansk and worked our way sort-of clockwise from there, visiting Torun, Lublin (day trip to Zamosc), Krakow (day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau), Zakopane, and ended with a few days in the capital of Warsaw.

7000 Mile USA Road Trip October/November 2012

This is the Great American Road Trip that takes us from Wisconsin to Seattle, down the west coast, and back through the Rocky Mountains in the span of almost 4 weeks.

Central Europe March 2010

We went from Budapest (day trip:  Eger), to Vienna, to Brno, and ended in Prague (day trips:  Kutna Hora and Plzen).

Ontario, Canada October 2009

I did not keep a journal about this adventure, but it was a driving trip to Toronto, Algonquin Provencial Park, and the South Georgian Bay.  We love Canada, what more can we say?

Ecuador and the Galapagos June 2009

Again, and oh-so-regretfully, I did not keep a journal while on this trip.  I mourn this decision often, but find solace in knowing we still have the most amazing photos from this incredible country.

Germany May 2009

This trip looped us to Bonn, Aachen, Monschau, the Mosel River area, the Rhine River area, Strasbourg (France), Black Forest, and Heidelberg.

Spain March 2009

Ever faithful to our active travel style, we visited Barcelona, Andorra, Granada, Gibraltar, White Hill Towns, Seville, Cordoba, Toledo, Segovia, and Madrid.


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